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Chicago punk band Gauge played its final show in 1994, putting an end to a brief, but influential, musical career. The band, which formed in 1991, was highly regarded in Chicago’s northwest and western suburban punk scenes. Fast forward to August 2009, Gauge members Neil Sandler, Ryan Rapsys, Scott "Gub" Conway and Kevin J. Frank gathered for the first time in 15 years. By the end of that night, they decided to reunite, record some songs (new and old) and play a series of shows in March 2010.

Playing a style of post-hardcore that combined power and melody, Gauge was known for their intense, cathartic performances. The band inspired and performed with other acts from the same area such as Cap’n Jazz, Friction, Sidekick Kato and Braid. Gauge is often mentioned in the same breath with bands like Indian Summer, Hoover and Current, which influenced a crop of bands that came out of the mid to late '90s Midwestern post-hardcore/emo scene.

Though not an active touring band, they may play the occasional show here and there.

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Photo by Anne Rapsys circa 1993


Neil Sandler

Neil plays bass, keeping the low end in check. His bass lines provide an anchor to Gub and Kevin's guitar parts. Neil was also responsible for booking all of Gauge's tours from ‘91-’94. Neil currently plays guitar and vocals in Rollo Tomasi.

Neil has played in these bands:
• Traluma
• the Sky Corvair
• Red Villain
• Supporting Actress
• Sidekick Kato
• Hertzsprung Gap

Scott "Gub" Conway

Gub plays guitar and handles most of the vocal duties for Gauge. He is also known for his abstract, yet thought-provoking lyrics. As Gauge's frontman, Gub's blend of charisma and craziness is the perfect fit. He currently plays guitar for Even in Blackouts.

Gub has played in these bands:
• Red Villain
• Street Wisemen
• The Aldermen
• Lady on the Five
• Ming
• Screeching Weasel
• Ivy League

Ryan Rapsys

Ryan plays drums and is the force that keeps Gauge from falling into a chaotic mess. His beats are creative while also maintaining a steady tempo. He currently plays practically everything in Euphone and drums for Das Boton.

Ryan has played in these bands:
• Ambulette
• 5ive Style
• Heroic Doses
• Joan Of Arc
• Owls
• Noyes
• Radio Flyer
• Sweater Weather

Kevin J. Frank

Kevin's rhythmic and melodic guitar style adds just the right amount of intensity to Gauge. He also does backup vocals and the occasional lead vocal. He currently plays guitar and vocals in Haymarket Riot.

Kevin has played in these bands:
• Traluma
• the Sky Corvair
• Radio Flyer
• Sweater Weather
• The Kiwi Waltz
• Chariots Race
• Target | Photos: Ben Geier (unless noted)
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